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Kids Around Dogs is in partnership with Pet Remedy, which means you can order at a Trade Price (minimum order £50).

Please, use the price list and order form down below.

To learn more about Pet Remedy, please watch the certified 30-minutes video:

To open a Trader Account, please email (specify you are a KAD Approved Professional): 






Kids Around Dogs is in partnership with West Paw, which supports working with dog professionals and have different trade terms for KAD.

To learn more about West Paw, take a look at the following leaflet:

Please, check out the price list which shows the Recommend Retail Prices and the Trade pricing (including VAT) that you can buy at.

West Paw charges a shipping fee of £4.00 per order but it does mean that you can recommend and supply to your customers at the same time without having to hold huge amounts of stock or tie up cash.




 🐕•Marketing Education for Dog Trainers

🚀•Grow Your Business in 30 Minutes a Day

💰•More Income. No Burnout

🔊•Let's Give Science a Louder Voice


The lovely Nihal Magdy has launched a series of marketing online workshops help growing your online presence and get more customers and has generously give free access to all of the KAD approved professionals!!
The link to register to the first workshop is here:



Canine Principle offers a great variety of accredited courses.

Follow this link to start studying with Canine Principle:



Welfare For Animals (WFA) offers 25% off all webinars and online self-study courses for any KAD approved professional. Our courses are all force-free and positive reinforcement, focused on companion animal welfare, behaviour and training. To access the discount, use KAD25 at the link below.




You're a pro. You already know a bit about "how" to teach dogs & people. But sometimes you just can't shake the sense that you're missing some critical pieces of the puzzle— like "why" so many behaviors are happening in the first place.

We have been taught to view dog behavior all wrong – as something it is our job to change or “fix”. Most of us trainers, with our emphasis on “how” to change behavior, are not getting the depth of meaningful resolution for the dogs & families we serve that they so desperately need—because we never actually get to the source of the problems that those symptom behaviors are reflecting. 

You want to be the very best for dogs and people, & you know you need to find those missing keys to do it. Well, get ready to take your professional journey to the next level, because you finally found them. Fill in the gaps, connect the dots, & give yourself & the dog families you serve the comprehensive understandings & interventions that make the difference.

This course is offered with a 40% (available to the first 100 KAD approved professionals only!) using the code: KAD40

Kim will also accept KAD as one of the associations that qualify to be in the Kids Division, under the Family Mediation scheme (once the course is completed).

Here is the link to join the course:
Please, remember, this is an offer to the first 100 KAD professionals only.
By now we all know that Yellow is the colour for dogs that need space... but do your clients know? 
Check our www.myanxiousdog.co.uk for more information.

 Feel free to use the infographic above to share with your clients/friends/etc.