The first book by Debby Lucken, Founder of KAD, is now available for purchase on Amazon worldwide!

'It Started With A Sit' helps expectant and new parents of both kids and dogs.

It Started with a Sit

It Started with a Sit

The book to help expectant and new parents of both kids and dogs.

Debby Lucken has loved dogs her whole life and dreamed of having a dog as her best friend as a kid, but only adopted her first dog after getting married.

When she became a mother, Debby wanted for that dream to be true for her daughter in a way that was never for her: she wanted their dog and their child to be amazing friends!

Along the path of parenthood and dog-caregiver Debby learned a lot from both her child and her dogs; she qualified as a dog behaviourist and trainer; and founded Kids Around Dogs®, a whole association about this topic.

She now wants to share her journey with you, including helpful tricks, hacks and pearls of wisdom to assist you with your kids around dogs!


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