Apply To Be An Approved Professional

KAD welcomes fully qualified professionals from the canine industry and children care professions, such as:

  • Dog Trainers

  • Dog Behaviourists

  • Dog Groomers

  • Dog Therapists

  • Vets

  • Vet Nurses

  • Teachers

  • Teaching Assistants

  • Headmaster/Headmistress

  • Play Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Dog Shelters / Rescue Centres

    What  Are The Benefits Of Becoming A KAD Approved Professional?

    •  Learn to use the KAD Protocol to Overcome the Fear of Dogs in Kids (in small groups, over Zoom, available several times a year) - CPD Certified Course
    • You will have access to the Ecourse to learn how to work with families and dogs, from pregnancy to teenagerhood. The Ecourse will also teach you to work with families with children who are adopting a dog or who are going through the loss of a dog (This course is done online at your on pace) - CPD Certified Course
    • The course Dogs In Schools, written by Prof. Dr. Helen Lewis, supports awareness of ways in which professionals can work with schools when selecting, implementing and evaluating effective school dog programmes. The intent of this course is to give participants to a deeper foundation of knowledge and experience necessary to ensure schools can monitor a dog’s welfare and wellbeing, within the complexities of a school environment. - CPD Certified Course

    What else will you receive?

    • All KAD Approved Professionals will be listed on the KAD website: 
    • You will be digitally sent the KAD Approved  Professional logo to proudly display on your website and on social media
    • All (and only) KAD Approved Professionals will be mentioned and recommended on the Facebook open group KAD Kids Around Dogs (
    • Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group, for our community to help each other, to vent when needed, to support one another
    • Free access to webinars and/or interviews (with Q&As), where a variety of topics will be offered from experts in their field (from child psychology, to fun dog tricks to teach children, marketing strategies to expand your business and more!)
    • Privileged access to a Library of books for children and dogs (these are not to be copied or given to third party; but are for you perusal and to be able to recommend to your clients)
    • In the post, you will receive 2 free KAD Badges to keep or give out (and you will be able to order more at a special price)


    • The Assessment is £40 (for each individual)

    • First Annual membership for a single professional: £500 (Renewal will be £70) - the membership can be paid in instalments, if needed

    • First Annual membership for Dog Shelters / Rescue Centres (which includes training up to 10 members of staff / volunteers): £750 (Renewal will be £120)

    • First Annual membership for Schools (which includes training for up to 10 school workers): £990 (Renewal will be £190) - assessment is £80

    If you reside outside of the UK & Eire, please email with the subject line 'Overseas KAD Membership'  
    For Dog Professionals resident in the UK & Eire, please use this file to print, fill out and email to

    For Professionals working with Children resident in the UK & Eire, please use this file to print, fill out and email to

    For Dog Shelters / Rescue Centres in the UK & Eire, please use this file to print, fill out and email to

    For Schools in the UK & Eire, please use this file to print, fill out and email to