KAD Code of Ethics

All of the Kids Around Dogs® approved professionals agree to abide by the KAD Code of Ethics:

  • To train and work with dogs with professionality, integrity and honesty.
  • To never use methods that will harm dogs, either emotionally or physically, no matter the circumstances.
  • To never use tools that might cause pain to dogs, such as choke chains; prong collars; electric shock collars; spray collars; rattle cans; pet correctors; slip leads; headcollars.
  • Continue learning about dog and/or child behaviours and positive educational techniques through continued professional development.
  • To work within their professional limits and to refer clients with needs beyond those limits to a better suited KAD approved professional.
  • Be covered by correct professional insurance, including public liability.
  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients, KAD approved schools and the other KAD approved professionals.
  • To be kind and professional towards other KAD approved members
  • To actively promote and support KAD and to never bring KAD into disrepute.

If it were proved that an approved professional behaved in such a way that goes against KAD code of ethics, the member would be struck off the KAD Approved Professionals program for life.

All Professionals have the right to appeal.