How to book a School Talk

The KAD School Talks Program is absolutely unique! 

The KAD School Talks Program teaches children how to live in a world with dogs.

 It is very important to us that children learn to respect dogs and not to be scared of them, so it isn't so much about safety around dogs, but to respect dogs instead.

Our talks aim to prevent dog-related injuries and listening to our dogs, advocating for them, is key to do so.

In fact, we believe that we can't stop a dog bite, but we can prevent it.


Who are the talks for?

Our school talks are for Key Stage 1 (including Reception) and Key Stage 2 children.

Why this age range?

Covering Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 doesn't only have the biggest reach in the form of numbers, which also includes the second highest number of children being injured by dogs; but it is also the time where parents are more involved in their children's school life, therefore allowing us to have a direct contact with the rest of the family too.

It is also the academic time of life where the worry of GCSE and future professions isn't really a factor yet, so schools are more inclined to present other learning topics to the children, who they themselves are also more engaged in.

On an emotional and developmental side, studies show that children from the age of 4 can understand other people's emotions and opinions, which can be used for dogs too.

What will the children learn?

The KAD Program is based on children-learning abilities considering their age range and guidance given by their teachers.

We use appropriate activities, such a games and stories which allow the children to be actively participant in the sessions, allowing them to learn more.

The children are also given the opportunity to interact with a dog in the second visit.

This is also done following the children we work with and the dog who is assisting us on the day. 

We educate children about canine body language, about how much dogs do for us and what we do for them.

We want to teach them about how to respectfully approach dogs, or if to approach them at all.

How is it structured?

At Kids Around Dogs we want to present children with two talks a year, one in the Autumn term (ideally, September/October) and the second in the Summer term (ideally, May/June).

This is to help children remember the learning more, especially as the second workshop would have a dog visiting the kids too.

                                 Photo credit: Luke Rainsford, Dogs Purpose, KAD approved professional

This is done outside the classrooms, in the play area of the schools, and with children kept at a distance from the dog to start with.

However, all the activities aim to involve the children, so they can learn more efficiently and, if appropriate and accepted by the kids, they also have the opportunity to interact with the visiting dog, who is assessed prior each visit, listened and looked after by a KAD Approved Professional.

Why should a KAD Approved Professional deliver school talks?

Kids Around Dogs approved professionals are qualified dog professionals (dog trainers, dog behaviourists, vets, vet nurses, etc.). 

We also have many professionals who used to work or are still involved in the child-care sector, such as teachers and child-therapists.

All KAD approved professionals are very competent in dog body language and, just as important, they have a passion and positive attitude towards working with kids and dogs.

When a qualified dog professional wants to join KAD, they need to prove that they have qualified with an external school or association that provides ethically sounded and science-based learning; they need to provide 2 references and they need to have a clean Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate. After that, they are assessed on canine body language and on scenarios where families with children and dogs are involved.

We have KAD Approved Professionals all over the UK and abroad, and specific training is given to all professionals, once approved.

How much does it cost?

While there a charge for the KAD School Talks Program, we also have a financial plan for schools to recover their costs.

How can the school recover their costs?
Every area of the country (and indeed the world) is different, so please feel free to get in touch to know how to recover the fees for the KAD School Talks Program:

When getting in touch, please state the full name of your school and location (town and county).

Please, bear in mind that bookings for our KAD School Talks Program can only be done with the admin of Kids Around Dogs.

If KAD approved professionals are contacted directly, they would not be able to help your school with the scheme to recover the fees.