About Us

We work with families and schools to help kids and dogs to live happily and safely together. 

Dogs are all around us: we see them at the park, at the beach, on the streets. Family, friends and neighbours have dogs and lots of us too! However, it’s important to know how to train dogs positively to live with children and how to raise our children to live in a world with dogs. This is why KAD – Kids Around Dogs® exist!

Kids Around Dogs® is an association of qualified and experienced positive professionals within the canine and/or child care industry, who are assessed and trained to assist with family dogs; to use the protocol to overcome the fear of dogs in kids and to work with dogs in schools.

Moreover, our KAD approved professionals are DBS checked and have a wonderful way of working with children of all ages and dogs, of course.

We don't only help you to train your dog, we also make sure your family learns about our canine companions and that both humans and dogs can live in harmony together.

If your child is scared of dogs; if you want to make sure to have a lovely family dog, respected by doggy-savvy children; or if your school is planning on having a school dog, then don't hesitate to call a KAD approved professional near you.


The Founder of KAD

Debby Lucken (ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac.) is the founder and owner of KAD and is a fully qualified dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and dog behaviourist with the International School of Canine Psychology.

She is a member of ICAN, the International Companion Animal Network; PPG, the Pet Professional Guild; PPN, the Pet Professional Network; DWA, the Dog Welfare Alliance; INTODogs. She is also a Dog Training College Approved Instructor.

Debby has more than 9 years’ experience working with dogs, and many of her clients have also gone and become great therapy dogs in schools and nursing homes.

Although originally from Switzerland, Debby lives in Poole, Dorset, with her husband Gary, their daughter Molly, their two dogs Winnie, the Golden Retriever and Wilco the Pug, and Mario the cat.